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I have a function that calls another function and passes a query string to the end of the URL.

How would I accomplish the following --

if my_videos:
    return render(request, template, {kwargs}) + "?filter=others&sort=newest"

Note: I do not care if I use render or not, its use is merely to point out what I'm trying to accomplish. Thank you.

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Pass the query string in the template:

<a href="{% url my_videos %}?filter=others&sort=newest">My Videos</a>
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from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
from django.http import HttpResponseRedirect

if my_videos:
    return HttpResponseRedirect( reverse('my_videos') + "?filter=others&sort=newest")
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Here are too smart template tags for modifying querystring parameters on the fly:

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Redirect to the URL you want using HttpResponseRedirect

from django.http import HttpResponseRedirect


if my_videos:
    return HttpResponseRedirect(request.path + "?filter=others&sort=newest")
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In templates you could do something like the following:

{% url 'url_name' user.id %}
{% url 'url_name'%}?param=value
{% "/app/view/user_id" %}

In the first one, the querystring will be in the form of "http://localhost.loc/app/view/user_id" In the second one, the query string should be in the form of "http://localhost.loc/app/view?param=value" In the third one, it is simple however I am recommending the first one which depends on the name of the url mappings applied in urls.py

Applying this in views, should be done using HttpResponseRedirect

    #using url_names
    # with standard querystring
    return HttpResponseRedirect( reverse('my_url') + "?param=value")
    #getting nicer querystrings
    return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse('my_url', args=[value]))
    # or using relative path
    return HttpResponseRedirect( '/relative_path' + "?param=value")

Hint: to get query string value from any other view

s = request.GET.get('param','')
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