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I would like to include transient properties in my JSON output for one of my classes (Account). The best way for me to do this would be to use JSON.grailsObjectMarshaller() in the Bootstrap.groovy to create a custom JSON structure for my class, however I can't seem to get it to work. Here is my code for the Bootstrap.groovy:

import grails.converters.deep.JSON
import stocks.Account

class BootStrap {

def init = { servletContext ->

    JSON.registerObjectMarshaller(Account, {
        def returnArray = [:]
        returnArray['email'] =
        returnArray['test'] = "success"
        return returnArray


def destroy = {


Here is my code for the AccountController.groovy:

def jsonTest = {
    def account = Account.findById('1')
    render account as JSON

And here is my output, which acts as if I hadn't called JSON.registerObjectMarshaller() at all:


Things that I've tried, but didn't seem to help:

  1. Grails clean
  2. Increasing the priority to 1 on JSON.registerObjectMarshaller()
  3. Using the regular JSON converter instead of the deep converter
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Which version of grails are you using ?

It worked for me having the following in Bootstrap.groovy

import grails.converters.JSON
JSON.registerObjectMarshaller(Bank) {
        def returnArray = [:]
        returnArray["name"] =
        return returnArray

The following domain class

class Bank implements Serializable {

    String name

The following code in a Controller

import grails.converters.JSON
def jsonTest = {
    def account = Bank.findById('1')
    render account as JSON

And getting the following JSON back:

{"name":"Niko Securities"}

Note: I am using only the regular JSON converter in both Bootstrap and the controller, so maybe check you are using the same converter in both places.

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I am using version 1.3.7. You? I'll try that again and report back. – Ian Walter Aug 15 '11 at 13:06
Using the regular JSON converter worked. I guess you can't use the objectMarshaller with the deep converter. This is unfortunate, but I guess I'll make due. – Ian Walter Aug 16 '11 at 0:28

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