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I am relatively new to web development.

I have a question i want to create the e-commerce webapplication leveraging Java platform (J2EE).

first can some body share his experience about available open-source resources for creating such web-application or open-source e-commerce solution, which is compatible with J2ee frameworks,

and if as i realize that there are only 1 or 2 vendor specific e-commerce solution available in Java then which J2EE frameworks or combination, i could use for creating my own e-commerce solution or web application,

while there are various options and alternatives available and it's difficult to choose one among them for each layer.

any tutorial/ resources.


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How about this one called Shopizer ? Though it is not based on the Jave EE platform ,it is built by using some popular java technologies nowadays such as Spring and Hibernate.

enter image description here

The system heavily uses Spring IOC and Transaction annotations. Business objects are Hibernate pojos retreived from an associated DAO all grouped in a service facade exposed to Struts action classes and modules. Shopizer supports HSQLDB, Oracle and MySQL databases.

The system is built on Struts 2, Hibernate and Spring. It uses Hibernate Search / Lucene for indexing and searching. Apache Commons libraries are used for doing common routines. Reports are generated using jasper reports. JQuery ui and ajax are heavily used on the ui as well as DWR and Struts2-jQuery plug-in.

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I think you can try apache ofbiz. it is open source. it has range of features and active community.

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