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I have a block of text shown like:


What I am trying to accomplish is that when I add the test to this table view cell, I want to make a specific word or group of words clickable. Lets take the group of words Grand Turk Lighthouse for example. Is there a way to add a href to the word that when I click it, it will send me to say View2 which is in the app. I am building an app that will not go to the internet and so I want a way for the link to be clickable to send to another page within the app. Thanks for any help provided.

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I can't give you specific answer, but you may try this :

it also could give different style, color, and href in one label.

enter image description here

another alternative, is to use UIWebView, and listen / delegate to it. load html within the app.

hope it helps.

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