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I am trying to do something unusual (?) with Git --- storing my multimedia files and photos and some pdf files with Git. I want to keep some meta data with each file (e.g., with a photo: I want to keep some sort of caption with it; with a pdf file: some information about what the file is about for ease of searching later on). In svn you can use svn properties to store metadata about a file (I think). How do I do the same in Git? Haven't been able to find any easy way! git notes looked promising, but it only associates notes with objects (commits). I want notes with individual files.

Update: I do not want to keep a separate file for metadata of files/paths! :-) I want to keep the information with the file/path somehow. Like svn properties (svn propset caption "In the Golden Gate" foo.jpg). To be more precise, when I move files around (git mv path1/file path2/file), I don't want to have to worry about keeping the metadata file up to date... the metadata should move with the file.

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It sounds like you'd need a solution outside of Git that can handle editing metadata of various filetypes. Either that or you can create a text file for every single piece of media you want metadata for, but that sounds impractical.

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Or am I misunderstanding the question? Is it you want to have a sort of short description of the file while browsing in git? – user621994 Aug 15 '11 at 4:34
Cameron Malek: Updated the question. Thanks for a quick response. – Yogeshwer Sharma Aug 15 '11 at 4:40

Just keep in separate files, and do a pre-commit hook to fix them.

You can detect renamed file (in index/cache) using git diff --cached -M --summary

[flames]$ git diff --cached -M --summary
rename a => b (100%)

then do fancy stuffs (i suggest using perl, but I use sed here just for demo)

[flames]$ git diff --cached -M --summary | \
> grep rename | \
> sed 's/^ rename \(.*\) => \(.*\) (.*/s\/^\1$\/\2\//'

use this regex on your note file (not tested):

REGEX="`git diff --cached -M --summary | \
     grep rename | \
     sed 's/^ rename \(.*\) => \(.*\) (.*/s\/^\1$\/\2\//'
sed -i -e "$REGEX"  note-file
git add note-file
exit 0

A easier to parse format is the --raw format.

[flames]$ git diff --cached -M --raw
:100644 100644 b53a58b... 3f063ab... M  wxyz
:100644 100644 e69de29... e69de29... R100       a       b

Just search for R on the 5th column. man diffcore(7) for details. This is leave as an exercise for reader.

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J-16 SDiZ: I am not familiar with this... can you give me some pointers on how to go about doing this? Thanks. – Yogeshwer Sharma Aug 15 '11 at 21:18
I have edited the answer – J-16 SDiZ Aug 16 '11 at 4:26

Have a look at gibak:

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