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i m using jdeveloper i first run a jspx page the server starts and runs and all works very nicely.then i make some changes in my code and run the jspx page again ,this time the server responds slower than before.the DB insert/updates takes longer time.when i run my page 5th/6th time everything is very slow.To fix this,i had to shut down the server and restart again.

the question is---is there any other way to maintain good speed without restarting server?

thanks to all.

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From my exp, well JDev is slow, so you need RAM, lots of it. Best of luck. –  JoseK Aug 16 '11 at 9:16

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You should stop and delete your app from weblogic in admin-console host:port/console before each deployment

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because weblogic does not delete properly app from memory. Something of app is left in memory if u won't stop and delete manually your app.

hope it helps, best regards.

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