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I have used a library to create a virtual hard-disk drive, but the problem is that I create it unformatted. At runtime, as soon as I create the disk, it prompts me asking if I would like to format the drive now. I have a function that will handle this, so is there any way to suppress that message from my application?

Also, my format function uses WMI but apparently ManagementObjectSearcher/ManagementObjectCollection aren't working. I have added System.Management as a reference and I am "using" it, so is there any other reason these wouldn't be working?


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"... aren't working" is a very poor diagnosis to go on. Definitely not enough to give a non-WAG answer for "other reasons" it "wouldn't be working"... – user166390 Aug 15 '11 at 7:08

I eventually just wound up formatting a drive, saving an image of it as an ISO, and loading from this instead.

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