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I am a java programmer and quite new to visual c++. I want to extract two integers from a CString like below.

Segments: [1 inlet section] to [10 RC axial bend]

I want to extract the no. 1 and 10 from the string and their positions will always be after a "[" but the no.of letters in the string may vary.

Can I use regex? I found that I need a library like "Boost" in order to use regex. Is there an easy way other than using a library to do this? Please give me your ideas.

Thanks a lot.

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You could probably use strtok to tokenise the string then use atoi to get the numbers from the tokens


This is very simple and has no error checking.

void getNumbers(CString inputString, int & number1, int & number2)
    char tempBuf[300];
    strcpy(tempBuf, inputString.GetBuffer());
    char * startString = strtok(tempBuf,"[");
    char * num1String = strtok(NULL,"[");
    char * num2String = strtok(NULL ,"[");
    number1 = atoi(num1String);
    number2 = atoi(num2String);
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Thanks a lot Jet. Can you give me any example? –  gishara Aug 15 '11 at 7:31

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