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I am hosting a few websites on a hosting account with 6 GB of space. The websites occupy only about 700 MB. But I have some plugins with various troubles generating error_log files that can get pretty big.

The last error_log had 4 GB and my quota jumped over a few days ago.

So is there a way to make cpanel send me an e-mail when quota goes over a set value?

Should I made a cron job for that?

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Thanks to this question… I have found a PHP class for cPanel API here… ,and since nobody gave me any points I'll made a cron job. – adrian7 Aug 17 '11 at 19:56

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I hope this is what you are looking for...

In cPanel on Contact Information & Preferences you can setup an email and then check "Send notifications to your contact email address when you are reaching your disk quota."

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