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I've got a project using PhoneGap 1.0 and jQuery Mobile running on Android.

I'd like to achieve 2 outcomes:

  1. When the app is loading and fetching data from the server, to put a splash screen. I've managed to put a splash screen for a defined time - but without really waiting for the data being loaded.
  2. When the user hits the "refresh" button and the app tries to fetch data from the server - to put some "loading" screen. I wasn't able to achieve this. I've tried (http://nachbaur.com/blog/telling-your-user-that-a-phonegap-application-is-busy) but without success. I suspect it's only good for iOS.

Help would be much appreciated.


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Try using the jQuery blockUI plugin?


If you need a 'activity indicator' along with the UI block, try this:

HTML5 Canvas: How to make a loading spinner by rotating the image in degrees?

(since sadly, a simple animated GIF won't work...)

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Great. Thanks! going to put it to use... – Roman Aug 28 '11 at 8:05

I am using jQuery BlockUI, with a simple spinner.gif image , works good on iOS, but on android the spinner freezes for some time in between. But it works! I think it is important to use less processor speed as possible .

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