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is it possible to show widget in "Add to home screen > Widgets" Dialog only for a certain android version without uploading two APKs and assigning to proper SDK version numbers?

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it would be interesting, not only dependent on version but more things. –  Animated Clocks Aug 15 '11 at 10:46
of course it would :) i just wrote android version because i am having problems with 2.1 because of the API restrictions. –  Cloudgiant Aug 15 '11 at 10:49
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I have a way to do it without any code e.g.:

In your res\values dir create a bools.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <resources> <bool name="honeycombOrAbove">false</bool> </resources>

Create a values-v11 dir (for honeycomb or above values), copy the file to it and set the value to true.

Then in the manifest for the widget receiver use: android:enabled="@bool/honeycombOrAbove". I also used it in the configuration activity for the widget.

This means the widget is disabled at install time.

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Brilliant solution since it works when the application is installed and this is more of a provisioning issue. Thanks for this - you saved me a bunch of hunting for a solution this morning. –  Jerry Brady Sep 26 '11 at 14:51
Perfect solution. This really should have been the accepted answer! –  Artiom Chilaru Oct 10 '11 at 23:45
Very clever solution ! Definitely the best answer ! –  pdegand59 Feb 20 at 10:01
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You can do it with the componentEnableSetting. Just disable the widget you don't want to have listed. The change will get active after phone-restart.

Context context = getApplicationContext();
String str1 = "org.classname.to.widget.provider";
ComponentName componentName = new ComponentName(context, str1);
PackageManager packageManager = getPackageManager();

int versioncode = Integer.valueOf(android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK);    

//enable widget
packageManager.setComponentEnabledSetting(componentName, 1, 1);

//disable widget
packageManager.setComponentEnabledSetting(componentName, 2, 1);
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Yep this solution works although i had to change it a little bit since this code looks for version number of the app and not the SDK. Thanks a lot! –  Cloudgiant Aug 15 '11 at 12:28
what did you change? i can edit and then you can approve the answer as the solution for your problem –  Animated Clocks Aug 15 '11 at 12:30
just this line "int versioncode = Integer.valueOf(android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK);" and added if conditions for 2.1 to disable and 2.2 or above to enable –  Cloudgiant Aug 15 '11 at 12:33
i have edited my answer. –  Animated Clocks Aug 15 '11 at 12:36
Approved. What i like about this answer is that you can use it to disable widget for almost every possible situation. Thanks –  Cloudgiant Aug 15 '11 at 12:38
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