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I'm looking for a web framework or an application in Java that does what Django admin does - provides a friendly user interface for editing data in a relational database. I know it's possible to run Django on Jython and that way achieve a somewhat Java-based solution, but I'd prefer something pure-Java to keep the higher-ups happy.

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Try Grails. It's a framework modeled after Django, written in Groovy. Groovy is a JVM based language, source-compatible with Java.

To get a Django-like admin interface, you write your models, let Grails generate all the rest (controllers and views), and you're done.

Some resources:

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Spring ROO is probably what you are looking for - it's a pure Java solution.

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What you mean is CRUD generating (CRUD: create, read, update, delete = typical admin interface). For example Rife can do this.

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