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Where can I find the source for Python's list type? I've had a quick look in its SVN repo (2.7 branch) but it's a very scary place.

Edit: Since Python migrated from SVN a while back, to be more contemporary I'll link to its HG repo (2.7 branch) as well.

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You can find that code in Objects/listobject.c.

Beware though, it can be scarier than the repo tree :)

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Don't use the svn repository. Use the Mercurial repository, it's much easier to use. (It's also written in Python!) I've had UnicodeDecodeErrors and such viewing the svn repo, too.

list is in listobject.c

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Cheers, I just updated the question to include their HG repo. – Humphrey Bogart Aug 15 '11 at 11:36

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