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I have run three commands individually (bash, console and node).

When I do heroku ps I get this:

 $ heroku ps
Process       State               Command
------------  ------------------  ------------------------------
run.1         complete for 11m    console
run.2         complete for 8m     bash
run.3         complete for 3s     node

Am I paying for those 3 processes? I can’t kill them.

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The state of those processes is complete. They continue to be shown by heroku ps for a little bit of time but should they only count against your dyno hours when they are actually running. Here is an except from the dyno pricing article on the Heroku dev center:

Dynos cost $0.05 per hour, prorated to the second. For example, an app with four dynos is charged $0.20 per hour for each hour that the four dynos are running.

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