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Which file would I need to edit to add additional files to an existing make system? There are three files:

Makefile.am Makefile.in Makefile

They all contain information about the sources that are being used. I assume it is the Makefile.am, becaue in Makefile.in it says "generated by automake". My question is though: How can I tell the system to regenerate Makefiles with my changes, but without changing anything else?

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You appear to be using automake. I don't really know automake, but I think you should edit Makefile.am. Automake will read that and generate Makefile.in, configure will read that and generate Makefile, Make will read that and build things. I'll add the automaketag. –  Beta Aug 15 '11 at 16:49

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Make your modifications to Makefile.am, and run make. This should trigger a call to automake (to regenerate Makefile.in) and then to configure to regenerated Makefile.

In some projects these rebuild rules are disabled and nothing will happen. In that case you have to run ./configure --enable-maintainer-mode first to enabled these.

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