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I have recently discovered message selectors

    	propertyValue="Fragile IS TRUE")

My Question is: How can I make the selector dynamic at runtime?

Lets say a consumer decided they wanted only messages with the property "Fragile IS FALSE"

Could the consumer change the selector somehow without redeploying the MDB?

Note: I am using Glassfish v2.1

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To my knowledge, this is not possible. There may be implementations that will allow it via some custom server hooks, but it would be implementation dependent. For one, it requires a change to the deployment descriptor, which is not read after the EAR is deployed.

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This is irritating. And if you want to be compliant, you can't use setMessageListener to get asynchronous messages. I'm trying to build a JMS test app and it's infuriating. :-/ –  Chris Kaminski Jun 22 '12 at 14:45

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