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i implement a small bulk-mail sending tool in rails based on the Amazon SES service and action mailer. i read that amazon queues my sent messages before sending them out itself.

so my question: does that mean i don't need to implement a message-queue myself (e.g. 50 mails per 5 minutes) against blacklisting and does amazon that job for me and i just transfer 5000 mails to it?

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You need to divide them into groups of 50 (see documentation Note at first. Also see "Managing your Sending Activity" on that page (it's ajax-driven, so there's no other URL). I would use Delayed Job for the queue:

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thank you. can you edit the link to the part with group of 50? the link just links to the documentation index. – Tronic Aug 15 '11 at 19:21

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