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I have a dataset (i.e. a shapefile) containing spatial location data (coordinates) and elevation data as well as other attribute fields.

I want to select points which have at least 200m vertical separation (i.e. are at least 200m apart on the z-axis) AND are within 3km of each other.

The aim is to create a new shapefile with all points that have this relationship with 1 or more other points.

Im sure there is a solution to this problem (maybe not using arcmap at all?) but i just cant find it. any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I thought about the problem overnight and i think i might need to re-phrase the question. What i need to do is: Select a point if it has another point within 3km of it that has a height of either >200m above or below the first point. obviously this needs to be done for every single point (and i have ~150,000 points of data). i think i might end up having to do this via python code. i dont suppose anyone would know how to do that?? –  cjrwil Aug 16 '11 at 10:33

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You are going to have much better luck asking this question in gis.stackexchange.com. Many more ESRI users/programmers there. As a matter of fact I bet you find your solution there without having to ask the question.

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Thanks ill take a look there i hadnt heard of that site. many thanks –  cjrwil Aug 25 '11 at 14:39

You can run the ArcGIS Near tool on all the points.

Then select by attribute points with Z values of >200m and distance values of <3000m.

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