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I wan't to reverse geocode and get the address in two languages arabic and english so I want to get it in one language then change the language of the API and get the address in the other language, as I can't find a parameter to send to geocoder to determine the language. Any suggestions?

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A language can be selected when you load the API by appending language=XX to the API URL where XX is the two-character language code (en for English, ar for Arabic, etc.) to the URL in the API call. See for documentation.

This won't let you change it on the fly, and I don't think you can do that. You can try loading the API a second time after getting the initial info you need in one language. But that seems likely to cause problems.

A cleaner way to do it might be to create a separate page that acts as a sort of web service for you. It accepts two parameters: A language code and an address. It loads the API using the language code requested, and reverse geocodes the address, providing the result. Your page would call this web service-like thing twice, once for each language, and then use the results as desired.

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As already pointed out this can't be changed once the map is loaded, but, for those who can afford a page refresh, this could work:


<script type="text/javascript">
    //load map based on current lang
    var scriptTag = document.createElement('script');

    var currentLang = window.localStorage && window.localStorage.getItem('language');
    var scriptSrc = '//,places&key=YOUR_KEY_HERE';
    if (currentLang)
        scriptSrc = '//' + currentLang + '&libraries=drawing,places&key=YOUR_KEY_HERE';

    scriptTag.setAttribute('src', scriptSrc);
    scriptTag.setAttribute('async', '');


function changeLangAndReload(lang) {
    window.localStorage.setItem('language', lang);
    window.location.reload();//or use your preferred way to refresh 
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