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I have a .net textbox (text area) inside a div like this:

 <div class="description-textarea">

                <asp:TextBox ID="tbDescription" runat="server" CssClass="radial" TextMode="MultiLine" Columns="39" Rows="4"></asp:TextBox>

                <span id="spnCharsLeft" runat="server" class="">1000 characters left</span>


And I have the CSS...

#content-main #upload .image-and-description .right .description-textarea{ padding-top:6px; width:370px;}
#content-main #upload .image-and-description .right .description-textarea textarea { overflow: hidden; display: block; min-height: 85px; width:423px;}
#content-main #upload .image-and-description .right .description-textarea span{ line-height:40px;}

When I type in lots of text I dont get any scroll bars come up so I cant see what im typing. Is these any way to make the text area show the scroll bars?

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The CSS overflow: hidden; does hide the scroll bars as Tsar said. However, just getting rid of it may not be enough to make the scroll bars appear. The default value of overflow: visible; will just let the extra content render outside the element.

You can force the issue with overflow: scroll; or have automatic scroll bars when they're needed with overflow: auto;.

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scrollbars are being hidden by this css property: overflow: hidden; get rid of it and you'll see the precious scrollbars.

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hi tsar thanks for the reply and the humerous comment on my 'precious scrollbars' lol. eaj had all the info I needed but I have +1'ed you! –  Exitos Aug 15 '11 at 14:38
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