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I'm a C# and PHP developer. At work, I just got some classic ASP stuff dumped in my lap. I only need to make edits for a few weeks so I don't want to have to learn too much about legacy stuff I'll never touch again. However, I do need to be able to do my job for this duration.

How can I get a good crash course in ASP? I need to get good-enough at it very quickly. What sites/books/resources would best fit this need?

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http://www.w3schools.com has a really good ASP tutorial. It's actually what I used when I went into classic ASP from a PHP background in school.

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realistically, classic ASP is just VBScript + a couple of libraries that handle web interaction.

The fastest way is here:


understand the basics of VBScript (it's relatively tiny)

then understand the basic objects of classic ASP

Request Response Server Session Application ASPError

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check out http://www.devguru.com/ and go to the vbscript section for quick references to their functions

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