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I was wondering if there is method to assign a value with a cursor position and later retrieve this value even if the text was modified after the assignment and before its retrieval.

That is, if I have say the following text in a buffer

apple pear lemon
london berlin paris boston
foo bar baz
one two three four

and then would call (within a VIM script) something like

call AssignValue(1, 6, "Second Fruit")
call AssignValue(3, 5, "BAR")

and then would (manually or script wise) insert some text so that the buffer now looks like

SOME NEW CHARACTERS apple pear lemon
london berlin paris boston
foo bar baz
one two three four

then I'd like to have a function that returns Second Fruit for

let var=RetrieveValue(1, 26)

and BAR from

let var=RetrieveValue(4,5)
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This may work, up to some extent:

Make the function AssignValue associate the string you wish to save ("Second Fruit", "BAR") with the word at the given cursor position, i.e. save it into a dictionary.

With that in place RetrieveValue can lookup the word at the given cursor position and retrieve the corresponding stored value in the dictionary.

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