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Is there any option or any setting by which SQL Server can dump the actual execution plan (at that instance) for stored procs involved in a deadlock?

This is in context of SQL Server 2008.

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No. They are generated separely.

THat said, a deadlock is NEVER the result of an execution plan issue, to my knowledge - it is always user code order of operations.

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about "deadlock is NEVER the result of an execution plan issue". This is not correct. Consider a select doing join on table A and B vs Insert doing Insert first in A then B. If execution plan of select prefers to read B then A, we can have deadlock. –  Ankush Aug 15 '11 at 14:13

Capture the SQL and plan handle and then you might get the query execution plan from the plan cache.

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SQL Profiler's the best shot you have at this. I go over how I do it here.

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