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I use gdata framework and I want to create youtube app with GDataYoutube library. I make project with cross-references project Gdata, but now I have a problem with option in xcode 4 -> product -> archive. When I build my app I get this error: 'The service placeholder compiler flag should be replaced by actual service specifications'

#if !DEBUG
    #error The service placeholder compiler flag should be replaced by actual service specifications

Thanks for any help!

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gdata is a monolithic library, and the objective-c version lets you use the preprocessor mechanism to link out the services you aren't interested in. Seems like it should be a convenience feature, but the author chose to make it mandatory. It's probably for the best: using it liposucked 4MB out of my binary.

e.g. say you want to use just the YouTube API on iOS, you'd open the GData project, duplicate libGDataTouchStaticLib.a target, then add


to Build Settings > Other C Flags

This fixes your build problem and gives you a leaner app. Bonus!

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I comment this error, because I have no service using Gdata except my own app. –  anna Aug 28 '12 at 10:38

Also, if you need to use SEVERAL (or all) modules in GData, you should just set the require services at 0


Every time you set it at 1, it waits for a specification module that you want to use (in your case, youtube), so it would look something like :


Here's a screenshot of where you should set those : http://i.imgur.com/RN7Ot.png

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