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In Amazon AWS, is it currently possible to configure load balancing and autoscaling with the web console / panel?

The whole infrastructure seems to be configurable with a few clicks but I only found CLI tutorials to manage autoscaling. Is there no way to manage it with a graphical interface?

I want to propose Amazon solutions to my company, but it is hard to defend the replacement of one command line mess with another command line mess.


PS: Trying to avoid third-party solutions please.

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You can manage Elastic Load Balancers from the graphical console. Documentation is here.

There's still no graphical interface for auto scaling. The Amazon command line documentation is here. You might also skim this tutorial on configuring auto scaling and load balancing.

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I doubt you can still manage auto-scaling from AWS web-console. I believe Amazon must be working on it, but I am for sure that it is available from web.

BTW, working with AWS Auto-Scaling shouldn't be a problem, I manage to setup my settings in just three commands - that's it go.

Take a look at this -

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Unfortunately Amazon doesn't offer an online GUI yet. 3rd party tools do exist (though you mentioned you didn't want to use them):,

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Amazon recently added autoscaling configuration to the management console. You can read more about it here:

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