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I try to figure out how to access facebook group or event photos/albums. The graph API of the group/event object doesnot have a connection for photo or pictures.

Any other way to access photo and pictures from groups or events - perhaps through FQL?

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Check out https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/fql/photo_tag/ that would allow you to access an event's photos given the event ID.

SELECT pid FROM photo_tag WHERE subject=$eid

You can make a similar query for groups. Here are the permissions you would need to get from your user assuming the event/group is not public.

Groups: user_groups

Events: user_photo_video_tags

You should not need an access token if the event/group is public.

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hi C, I was able to make it work through the object_id field of the photo_tag table in the FQL Query above. I used this object_id to make a graph API get request for the returned object and this worked very nice. Thanks – Marc Loeb Aug 18 '11 at 17:03

The API does have a connection for getting event photos now, it is [event_id]/photos and needs read_stream permission if the event is public otherwise it also needs user_events or friends_events permission

If you want to get photos of a group check this question: retrieve photos from a facebook group using the GraphAPI

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