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I have used Rhino.Mocks extensively currently writing some tests in Java using EasyMocks. However I was unable to pull out a LastCall.IgnoreArguments() Rhino.Mocks equivalent in EasyMocks.

How do I use Easy Mocks to return a value irrespective of the arguments in the method.

For example:

public interface ISoothSayer {

   String SaySomethingSweet(String sweetMsg);

how do I mock this interface to return "Hell Oh World" irrespective of the argument, sweetMsg.

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You can use isA, like below (mock is a ISoothSayer mock):

expect(mock.SaySomethingSweet(isA(String.class))).andReturn("Hell Oh World");
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Thanks a lot.. Works like a charm.. – AB Kolan Apr 2 '09 at 5:47

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