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I have 4 tables on my DB; merchants, pay_method, spendings ans transaction_type.

They all have an id and a title, except spend (spend have the Foreign keys of the others and other field like user_id, comment, ... ).

I try to have all the informations of all the tables for an unique user_id!

for perform it, I tried a little test that doesn't run :

public function getSpendingsForUser( $userid )
    $mercTable = Engine_Api::_()->getDbTable('merchants', 'spendings');
    $mercName = $mercTable->info('name');   

    $table = Engine_Api::_()->getDbTable('spendings', 'spendings');
    $spendName = $table->info('name');

    $select = $table->fetchAll(
        ->joinLeft($mercName, "$mercName.merchant_id = $spendName.merchant_id", NULL)
        ->where('user_id = ?', $userid)
    return $select;


An in the view file :

foreach($this->spendings as $s) {

How can I make the join correctly to have all the info from the user_id ???

Thanks a lot !!!

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You should define doesn't run to help us help you. But I can tell you you probably need to ->setIntegrityCheck(false);

$select = $table->fetchAll(
        ->joinLeft($mercName, "$mercName.merchant_id = $spendName.merchant_id", NULL)
        ->where('user_id = ?', $userid)

Before the join.

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ok I will try this ;-) – clement Aug 16 '11 at 7:28
@clement Did it work? – Iznogood Aug 16 '11 at 13:18
it's better with it ;-) Thanks – clement Aug 17 '11 at 8:06

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