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I have a jQuery $.ajax code on domain A and a domain B (PHP server).

  • Step 1: the user already logged in on PHP server [B],
  • Step 2: the user comes to domain A and sends an Ajax request (having only an empty string) to the PHP server

Can I check the session of that user to find his username on the PHP server? Is it possible?

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i have not started coding anything... –  Morteza Aug 15 '11 at 15:19

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Session cookies would be sent automatically. If the user is logged in to server B before the ajax call is made, the server B session token should be sent along with the ajax request. However, note that ajax calls are subject to the same origin security policy - code loaded from server A will not able to issue ajax calls to server B, as that's not the same server. There's methods to work around this, but they're not as nice as a simple .ajax() call.

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