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I guess I need to formulate the question better!

I want to add two new Resource fields in the refinerycms-calendar engine, in the admin area.

The fields will actually be video files, the first for the video of the party and the second for the interview of the contributors. I have done the following:

  1. Added to 01_create_events.rb migration:

    t.integer :video_live_id
    t.integer :video_interview_id
  2. Added to the Event.rb model:

    belongs_to :video_live, :class_name=>'Resource'
    belongs_to :video_interview,:class_name=>'Resource'
  3. Added this to the _form.html.erb view in Admin:

    <div class='field'>
        <%= f.label :video_live -%>
       <%= render :partial => "/shared/admin/resource_picker", :locals =>
              :f => f,
              :field => :video_live_id,
             :resource => @event.video_live
             } %>
    <div class='field'>
        <%= f.label :video_interview -%>
        <%= render :partial => "/shared/admin/resource_picker", :locals =>
              :f => f,
              :field => :video_interview_id,
              :resource => @event.video_interview} %>

I am getting the following error:

undefined method `video_live_id' for #<Event:0x1049b9f88>

What am I not doing well?



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When do you get the error? –  Agush May 4 '12 at 16:15

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I'm not sure exactly how refinery implements its resources, but it uses dragonfly to manage file attachments (i.e. resources). I'm currently modifying an old refinery setup (version 1) and since documentation was impossible to find, I just followed the dragonfly usage instructions - which seems to work fine.

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