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Sorry for banal question, but i would like to know, while i launch many many http requests to a site, will site goes down or just i will be banned after n request limit (according to server settings)?

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As is most always the case the answer is: it depends :)

Now, seriously, it depends on a few things but most likely if you're just hitting "a" server with a single client computer you most likely will not be able to make it go down as servers usually have more bandwidth (networking & processing powers) available to them than most client computers. Plus, when you're making requests to a website you might actually be making requests to a load-balanced network of servers which definitely means that a single client will not be able to outperform the site. If this is the case your IP will probably get blacklisted or maybe just ignored.

The other possibility is to make a lot of requests with a number of different clients at the same time - using different IPs. This is what is usually called a coordinated or distributed denial of service attack. In that case you might be able to make the web server(s) go down for a while.

This is just a simple answer but I hope you get the point.

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sure man this is the pefect answer! :) thanks ;) – sbaaaang Aug 15 '11 at 23:27

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