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Next month I need to develop a script to connect to an AS400 and query some data (>1000000). I want to do this with PHP, as I am doing a lot with PHP.

My question know is, how should I connect to the As400. I know that there is ODBC, but everyone said to me ODBC is sub-optimal because it cannot handle large dataset with a great performance. Everyone recommends me JDBC.

So what do you recommend me. What would you use if you get this task... I do not plan to switch the programming language if it is not as must.

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I don't know about performance on ODBC and if there are differences based on the platform you are running it against, but I believe ODBC is the only way you can connect to the i with PHP if you are using PHP on a remote server. I do know that the i can handle large amounts of data much better than most other SQL database servers.

You could also ask this question on Web400 at Midrange.com. There are several on that list that use PHP and there are even a couple of people from Zend on the list that could help you out.

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Ok thanks I will look there if someone has an idea. –  user459611 Aug 16 '11 at 9:12

The IBM i (current name of platform) has database drivers for .NET and Java.

It may be that the DB2 universal driver for your platform can connect to the system, but I do not have personal experience with that.

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