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i am trying to render 2 partial views using same loginmodel:

<div id="divLoginPopupContent" class="popupContent">
  <div id="divLPBox"><% Html.RenderPartial("LoginPopup", ViewData["LoginModel"]); %></div>
  <div id="divFBBox"><% Html.RenderPartial("RetrievePassword", ViewData["LoginModel"]); %></div>

and it is giving me an errorenter image description here

and ViewData["LoginModel"] = new LoginModel();

can you tell me whats the problem?

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You are likely having more than one <%@ Control ... > directives in one of your partials LoginPopup.ascx or RetrievePassword.ascx. Make sure there is only one control directive.

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try strongly typing your view

<%@ Control Language="C#" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewUserControl<LoginModel>" %>

then pass in the model

<div><%Html.RenderPartial("LoginPopup",Model) %></div>
<div><%Html.RenderPartial("RetrievePassword",Model) %></div>
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