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In my project I have overridden the display at the widget level in order to precisely control the markup being produced. The problem I have now is that I can't work out how to render items which are connected using Socket -> Connector -> Socket (in order to achieve a 1-many relationship of items)


If I insert the default Widget rendering line


I can see using the shape tracer that items of the Sockets are being rendered using the following View


What I want to be able to do is do this manually. I have worked out that


is of type Downplay.Mechanics.Models.SocketsPart but Connectors is null and I can't see any other reference to Sockets. Can anyone tell me how I would access the connected sockets?

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The answer was that the model included a list of items, if these were iterated through, the items i needed were the items with a ConnectorType set.

<ul class="assets">
        foreach (var item in Model.Content.Content.Items) {
            if (item.ConnectorType != null)
                @Display.Socket(Content: item)
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