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I'm manipulating an svg and I'd like to access the elements by jquery and his selectors but they doesn't seem to work: all the other functions like getJSON and .ajax work without any problem.

The browser load a file.svg, not an html page with svg contents in it. How do I change the value of this text element for example? (this node is a root child)

<text id="green_nick"  class="nickname" x="1200" y="279" onclick="takeSeat(evt)">a234567890a2345</text>

// this doesnt work
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As SVG uses non-standard elements, it can't be manipulated like DOM elements. You should look at jQuery SVG to manipulate SVG Elements.

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jQuery SVg is the solution if you have a little time for a short learning curve that delivers a lot Convert your SVG into Kieth's jQuery SVG. You cam add a jQuery SVG Lin from his package which allows you to control the Dom Also view the "matrix" chart on the converter

Choose the 3rd option on the dropdown as the first 2 are for another SVG library

You will find the Matrix info that complements the above information to control the Dom

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