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I've got a function here which is intended to deleted a chunk of HTML related to a specific object. This happens when a minus ('-') sign on the page is clicked.

So, my object has a delete button as part of it's html structure. When clicked (onClick) it should remove the child Element(itself) and it's removed from a linked list I have intended to keep track of everything's relative place.

SO, here's what we have:

// We're making an instruction list, so this is 
// a "step" in the instructions, which we encapsulate in
// an object. parent_container is a div that we're 
// attaching this good stuff too.         
function step()
  // initializations, which are set outside the constructor, but before the delete
  // button can be clicked = null;
  this.prev = null;
  this.identifier = unique; 

  // ... making all the divs and html stuctures ...
  this.container = document.createElement('div'); = step_container_id+current_count;  

  // the delete button's all set up, now we need to define it's callback!
  delete_button.onclick = this.delete_step; 

  // and hook that bad mama jama into the rest of the DOM

  // last little hook ups
  // etc...

// Here's how I make it a member:
step.prototype.delete_step = function() 
  // and here's me seeing if things worked out:

What we end up getting is a crash because container is undefined. "this" is not an object either. Ultimately, I need to create a way to have onClick result in me having access to a specific objects attributes, relative to which object was clicked. If I can do that, we're golden.


EDIT: I feel I may have created confusion with step.prototype.delete_button = function(), that was a typo. It's name is delete_step. delete_button is just a tag. So we're trying to get at the step objects container variable using a method called delete_step() which is called when the delete_button tag is clicked. Sorry!

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use var step = function ... – Senad MeŇ°kin Aug 15 '11 at 16:40
I think you may be suffering some confusion over member scope/availability - read this. this should always be an object (although to be fair everything in Javascript is an object apart from undefined and null) but it isn't always what you think it should be inside inner functions. Read the link above. And everything else ever written by Douglas Crockford. – DaveRandom Aug 15 '11 at 16:46

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