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I need to build a sales graph for a company and I am going to need to really customize the LineChart in Flex. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or even a book that gives exhaustive coverage of the LineChart in Flex?

UPDATE Thank you guys for your answers but I am looking for an in-depth full coverage of everything you can do with the LineChart. I am trying to build a custom one and I am having trouble customizing it in further then those tutorials explain. I want something that will give me a deep understanding of how they work so I can intelligently program them instead of programming by permutation.

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did you ever have much luck with this? I cant find much either, and its been a year and a half! Any links you could share? –  D3vtr0n Nov 5 '10 at 17:02

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First check out Adobe's LineChart tutorial and Chart formatting tutorial. Since you have not specified the exact details, I'd suggest you look around the blogs a bit. A good start would be here.

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Check out flexexamples. This has tonnes of examples for all of the types of charts.

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