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derived from this question, is it possible to use HQL or Criteria for the following SQL statement:

   count (case when gender = 'male' then 1 else NULL end) AS NumberOfMaleEmployees
from Department d 
JOIN d.employees e
WHERE e.dead = 'maybe' 
GROUP BY e.type

Although google comes up with a few hits that state HQL supports CASE statements, Hibernate 3.6.6 fails with a

QuerySyntaxException: unexpected token: CASE

when I create the query above on an EntityManager instance.

How much of a bad idea is it, to create another query for every e.type to determine the number of males manually, e.g. for every e.type

from Department d 
JOIN d.employees e
WHERE e.dead = 'maybe', e.type = ugly

Since there could be quite a few types, this is potentially slow. I'd like the database to do the work for me.

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Well, it seems, case statements are supported:


They just don't seem to work within count(). An alternative would be using sum(case when... then 1 else 0 end) instead

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Thanks, this just saved me from going nuts. Here is the bug report. It's years old, but still unresolved... –  maenu May 5 '12 at 11:25
Can we do it using Criteria query?? –  Charvee Shah Jun 9 at 11:03

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