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Goal: Translating the functionality of a formula that works in Excel, into something I can use in a calculated column in SharePoint.

Alternate Goal: A completely different solution from the one I'm currently trying to make work.

Scenario: Running MOSS 2007, I have a list with a text column populated with multiple dates (in text format) for each item in the list.

alt text

I need to extract one date from the block of text for each item – the date greater than or equal to today’s date. I was unable to figure this out within SharePoint but someone offered a solution in Excel. The formula below does in Excel what I wish to do in SharePoint.


alt text

Problem: I’ve been unable to convert the above Excel formula into something I can use in SharePoint. I decided to break it down into 2 pieces instead of one large one. Starting with the IF portion I tried the following, with “[Dates]” being the text column:


I realize there is no “ROW” or “INDIRECT” function in SharePoint but was hoping to get some output that I could evaluate. I then tried:

=MIN(IF(MID([Dates],( ("1:"&(LEN[Dates]+1)/20)-1)*20+1,19)+0>=TODAY(),”False”))

This receives a general error but I don’t know what to replace the “ROW” and “INDIRECT” functions with.

Any assistance on solving this would be appreciated.

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