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I've got two branches. Lets call them A & B for now. I want to selectively copy something like 20 commits from A to B. Is there any efficient way to do this?

I know I can git cherry-pick commits one at a time but can I do 20 all at once? This is assuming the 20 commits aren't together and there are commits in between them that I do not want copied over.

Example. Branch A commits


Branch B


I want to copy 4,5,7 over to B.

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I would rather rebase --interactive A onto B, because cherry-picking introduce duplicate commits, which is generally not a good idea.
See "Git cherry pick and datamodel integrity".

That being said, you can specify sets of commits and multiple commits in a git cherry-pick command. Separate each commits by a space, and look at how specifying said commits in gitrevision.

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You can pass as many commits as you want to git cherry-pick

$ git checkout B
$ git cherry-pick A~3 A~2 A

Will do what you describe in your example.

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