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Is there any way to create a KML overlay in Google Maps by passing the KML as a string rather than as a publicly accessible URL? AFAICT there is no such option in the Google Maps API v3. I am not asking about the API but about possible end runs around this limitation.

Personally I can think of only one: to parse the KML and generate equivalent JS. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

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I've tried too but i haven't found a way to do this.

The reason is explained here:

For the tests my work around was sharing the kml file on my dropbox then give the direct access url with the token to the constructor

kmlLayer = new google.maps.KmlLayer
    url: ''
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Looking over the API it doesn't appear that this is possible.

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geoxml3 has a parseKmlString method, which will parse a string of kml and can create native google maps API v3 objects from it. I have used it to parse kml fragments out of FusionTables.

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