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simple normal form that's submitting an action.

<form id="myAppSearchForm" method="get" action="<%= search_path %>">
        <div class="input-inside-label">
            <label for="myAppSearchForm_searchstring">Search weavr</label>
            <input id="myAppSearchForm_searchstring" name="search" class="search" title="enter search term" />
        <button class="btn" name="myAppSearchFormSubmit" type="submit">GO</button>

however I don't get why the ID or name attribute of the Submitbutton gets added to the query string?

Like so: myurl/search?search=test&myAppSearchFormSubmit=

Any idea why that could happen?

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That's just how forms work. Drop the name attribute and the value of that button won't be included in the params for the form submission.

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Change it to an <input type="submit" name="myAppSearchFormSubmit"> and it should show up. <button> tags are really a form element, though they show up the same as an <input type="button"> for the most part, so they don't really have any affect on a form.

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