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I have a dsPIC33 with ECAN and wish to establish a protocol (using SDO if possible) in such way that it communicate between terminal software and dsPIC33 where I can perform diagnostics within dsPIC33 and supporting ICs.

I do not know what is required, so what is a low cost way of doing this? I could use a CAN-to-USB device, but I am unsure if this will work. What kind of protocol inside CANUSB wraps around the ASCII-based message?

What hardware can I use? Can it be used to monitor the CAN bus as well? I do not wish to invest in an expensive setup as in Vector or similar heavy-weight solution.

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You can download an open source project for CANopen from DATALINK ENGINEERING as this seems to be just what you need.

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When you purchase CAN interface hardware, it does not typically include software to work with specific upper-level CAN protocols (like CANopen). They do usually come with a set of DLL files that allow you to write custom PC applications to interface with your hardware.

If you do not want to purchase any third-party software, then you must:

  1. Implement a basic CAN driver for the dsPIC33 (transmit and receive a basic frame).
  2. Implement the CANopen SDO protocol on top of your basic driver on the dsPIC33.
  3. Purchase a low-cost CAN<->USB interface (which should come with DLLs that allow you to develop in C, C++ or C#.
  4. Write a PC application using the DLL files which implements the CANopen SDO protocol.

You may want to look for open-source implementations of the protocol. One such implementation is CanFestival. However, I have never used this library.

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I had look into CanFestival and download TortoiseHg but I have no clue how to download the respostory within CanFestival (dev.automforge.net/CanFestival-3/summary) – riscy Aug 17 '11 at 17:19
The link you provided is the link to the Mercurial repo. If you have TortoiseHg installed, then the clone URL you want is http://dev.automforge.net/CanFestival-3. From the command-line you could type hg clone http://dev.automforge.net/CanFestival-3 – Tim Henigan Aug 17 '11 at 17:31

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