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Hi I have this following segment of XML:

            <Result number="4" position="1" points="25">
                <Driver driverId="button" url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenson_Button">

I can use the following easily to get the GivenName:


But when I use:


I get SimpleXMLElement Object ()

I have looked around and found that it might be something to do with passing it to a string but then I get nothing on screen. Not even SimpleXMLElement Object.

I don't understand as it's a sibling of GivenName and that works.

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SimpleXMLObject's are returned when there's nested elements (children) or if the XML tag is empty. I.E: <FamilyName /> Can you post any code? –  Robert Ross Aug 15 '11 at 20:04

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You get a SimpleXMLElement object in both cases, which you'll see if you use print_r():

print_r ($item->Driver->GivenName);
print_r ($item->Driver->FamilyName);


SimpleXMLElement Object
    [0] => Jenson
SimpleXMLElement Object
    [0] => Button

You can use an explicit cast to get the values as strings:

$givenNameString = (string) $item->Driver->GivenName;
$familyNameString = (string) $item->Driver->FamilyName;
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