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I have to check out an existing SVN repository of 40 GB

The SVN is exposed over HTTP and transfer rate is very slow(20 KB / Sec).

So I got the working copy through an external hard disk. Now, How do I tell the copied version to synchronize with the SVN repository ?

I'm using Tortoise SVN.

Let me know for further information.

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If you copied the whole sandbox (all files including all .svn directories) you just have to rightclick and update. If this doesn't work, use the tortoisesvn-relocate command on the base directory and specify the url of the repository. Then try again updating.

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Hi, Thanks for your response. – Sundeep Arun Aug 18 '11 at 2:27
Hi, Thanks for your response. I tried tortoisesvn - relocate option but it errors out saying the UUID is different. Old URL: svn+ssh:// New URL: Can you please help? – Sundeep Arun Aug 18 '11 at 2:34
This really should not happen. The most probably reason for this is the url you specified pointing to the wrong repository. The repository has a unique id and there is no way that it accidently changed. Use the the tortoisesvn repository-browser, navigate to that url and check if you're really connecting to the right repository. – Tobias Schlegel Aug 18 '11 at 9:38

As long as the working copy has been create from the same repository, a simple svn update will do. Tortoise should also recognize the directory as a working copy.

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