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I'm making a quest (for iPads) and would like to use QR codes that users have to scan and then do certain tasks: The user scans the QR code, which links to a text that asks them to take a picture of a certain object and a button that opens up the camera, once the picture is taken it is saved. I was thinking of a blog, where images can get uploaded once they are taken, but they could as well be stored on the iPad. I haven't found a solution using blogs, as taking an image can't be prompted, any idea how it could be done?


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Are you trying to make a web application? –  Yann Ramin Aug 15 '11 at 21:15

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Not really possible with a web app. You could have the link in your QR code point to your native app’s custom URL scheme, as in myapp://whatever, and then both get and upload the photo through that app, but what you’re trying to do isn’t possible through Safari.

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