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I am working on building a python powered back-end server for a mobile application. I am using MongoDB hosted on the Cloud for storage. The communication between the Application and the server will be mostly JSON. There wont be any HTML involved in this transfer as such.

I am looking for a framework to build my server. I did some research and found (django, Pylons etc) are for full stack server and is not needed for my requirements.

I am confused on how to go about selecting an HTTP framework (, cherrypy etc).

also, i might use Mongoengine as the ODM. I am not sure if this decision is anyway going to affect the framework selection

any ideas?

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I'd recommend bottle or flask, both of which are very minimal and impose no constraints on you whatsoever. In the case of bottle, it's particularly easy to build a simple RESTful server since it will automatically return JSON from a route that returns a dict:

from bottle import route, run

def user_info(id):
    user = get_user(id)  # something, lookup user, whatever
    return {'first_name': user.first_name, 'last_name': user.last_name}

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Pyramid Framework doesnt enforce a templating engine (not a full stack) or a persistence/storage system. It has json and jsonp renderer (no html at all).

It also has a scaffold for jquery mobile app (I havent tried this, so I dont know).

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I personally prefer, but in your case it is possible to start with basic wsgi app, or something simple as because it doesn't enforce a specific template engine or database adapter.

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