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I need to be able to download a PDF file from a location on the Internet and then open it (just the file, not to a specific page) in an app like Goodreader or even iBooks.

What I originally thought was that I would put an icon on my users' home page that launches a PDF file in an app, similar to how in Safari you can "Add To Home Page" and add a link onto the Home Page. The idea would be to have that functionality but with an, e.g., ibooks:// link rather than an http:// and it would open the pdf being linked to there within iBooks.

I am able to launch Safari to view a PDF using the Add To Home Page function to put an icon on the Home Page pointing to a PDF at a certain URL, so I am wondering if using, e.g. a Scheme definition I can pull it off.

So my solutions so for are:

1) Create a link to the PDF to open in Safari using "Add To Home Page" (offers zero functionality, including the hard requirement of being able to annotate the PDF)

2) Employ a specific App's Custom URL Scheme Definiton with the iPhone Configuration Utility's "Web Clips" create something to the effect of ibooks:// (i dont think this works)

3) Write a custom app and figure out how to do the annotating part myself (Did this using FastPDFKit but it does not include anything for annotating which is really key)

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I believe if you put a g infront of the URL when adding to home screen, it will open with GoodReader when launched.

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