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Hi I'm new in iPhone development, how do you disable a UITextField in iPhone development? If it matters, it is a View-Based Application, and the UITextField is named abc.


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You use [abc setEnabled:NO] to disallow the user to edit it, or setHidden to completely hide it

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Thank you very much! –  Shawn Aug 15 '11 at 23:54

If you want to hide it completely:

abc.hidden = YES;

If you just want to prevent user interaction:

abc.userInteractionEnabled = NO;

Since UITextField is a subclass of UIView (and UIControl), all the UIView (and UIControl) methods (such as those I used above) are available.

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[textField setHidden:YES];
[textField setHidden:NO];

If it is hidden, the user can't interact with it or see it.

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You can do this a few ways.

abc.alpha = 0;  //text field is there, just transparent, so it can't be seen.
abc.hidden = TRUE;  // textfield is hidden, not on View at all.

abc.userInteractionEnabled = FALSE;  // user can see the text field and any text
                                     // that has  already been set but cannot edit
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