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I need to know how to get this code working on Django.

This example WORKS:


def index(request):    
    if request.user.is_authenticated():
        username = request.user.username
        username = None


{{ username }}

Now what I want to do is this, but this is NOT WORKING:


def index(request):    
    username = request.user.username


{% if user.is_authenticated %}
    {{ username }}
{% endif %}

Use the template in this way is possible? I am a beginner, I am just testing how things work here.

Any clue?

Best Regards,

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Note that if you pass RequestContext to your templates (which is true most of the time), you already have request.user aliased simply as {{ user }}. Then you do just

{{ user.username }}

and the view function needs to know nothing about this.

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Your second example probably isn't working because you haven't put user into the template context. There isn't enough code to know for sure, and you haven't said what bad outcome you are seeing.

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